Fertility Preservation In Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis may not immediately lead to thoughts about preserving one’s fertility. But, if you’re a woman of childbearing age or a man who is concerned about his future ability to become a father, it is important to understand that the treatments that help fight cancer may also affect your ability to have children.

Different cancer treatments affect the body in different ways. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can all affect your reproductive system. In general, the higher the dose and longer the treatment, the higher the chance for reproductive problems. Ask your doctor at Aster IVF to help determine the fertility risks associated with your individual treatment regimen. Fortunately, there are more options to preserve your fertility than ever before.

Sperm may be frozen and “banked” for future use. At Aster IVF, we have an excellent Egg Vitrification Program and our pregnancy rates after egg freezing are comparable to fresh eggs. The process requires hormonal stimulation to retrieve your eggs and takes two weeks.

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