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In IVF treatment, gonadotropin injections are used to stimulate the ovaries to increase the number of available eggs. Conventional IVF protocols are often inconvenient and associated with side effects.
IVF Lite or Minimal Stimulation IVF has regained favor due to the realization that it is associated with fewer side effects, incurs a lower risk of Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS), has a lower cost factor per cycle and fair success rates in the age group 35 years & above. Aster IVF offers IVF Lite as a cost-effective and safer alternative to the standard IVF program for women above 35 years of age and/or low ovarian reserve.

What is IVF Lite?
IVF Lite involves a soft stimulation protocol with lesser amount of fertility drugs. When combined with Egg Accumulation using the Cryotech TM Vitrification Technology (ACCU-VIT), it provides a very efficient alternative to conventional IVF. It is designed to retrieve only a few eggs in each ovarian stimulation cycle. Stimulation in this manner has been associated with better quality eggs and hence better quality embryos. In other words, it is a simpler treatment schedule with lower doses of drugs and fewer risks from Multiple Pregnancy and Over-stimulation.

IVF Lite can be used as a treatment method for poor responders, women of age above 35 years and/or with multiple previous conventional IVF failures (Failed-IVF) and Hyper-responders (like patients with PCOS who go repeatedly into Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation). Today, IVF Lite is recommended to almost all women above the age of 35 years requiring IVF/ICSI.

If you’re a woman above 35 years of age or have had previous conventional IVF Failures ( Failed IVF), IVF Lite can be your most suitable treatment options available. To discuss whether IVF Lite is suitable for you as your treatment option discuss it with our fertility experts at Aster IVF.

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